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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Series Review : Percy Jackson and The Olympians + Sequel news!

*Note: If you have already read the Percy Jackson series, go to the bottom of the post for news and links to the sneak pick of the sequel to the series!

You probably recognize the title Percy Jackson from the big screen from early this year. While I haven't seen the movie yet, I have read all of the books!

This is probably my favorite book series besides Harry Potter. I remember finishing all five of these in two weeks and being distraught when I had finished them. These books have everything! From action and suspense, to romance and humor. After you finish one book, you'll be hungry for the next one.

The series revolves around greek mythology (which is probably the main reason I loved it so much! Mythology FOR THE WIN!) and features all the gods and goddesses, myths, legends, and stories.

Weird things have always happened in Percy Jackson's life. He can't seem to stay in one school for more then a year, and when his math teacher attacks him as a strange feathered monster, he's decided something about him has made him different from everyone else. He then finds himself at Camp Half Blood, where demigods (the children of a god and a human) come together to learn about mythology and to train. During a game of capture the flag, Percy realizes his powers and discovers he is the son of the great god...

Well, I won't spoil it!

But, seriously, the series is amazing. It has the perfect amount of humor and not to mention the alluring romance between Percy and the daughter of Athena, Annabeth. Another thing I absolutely loved about the series was the fact that I could put pieces together with my own knowledge of mythology. Even if you have only read a few mythology stores in school, once you start reading, that little light bulb over your head will light right up! It really gives you a sense of being a part of the story.

All in all, the series is a solid 10/10. I recommend it to everyone!

*Note - If you have already read the Percy Jackson series, or are in the middle of reading it, there is good news! Rick Riordan has announced a sequel series to PJATO, called The Heroes of Olympus! The first book, The Lost Hero, is suppose to be released October of this year! You can read the first two chapters online by typing in the password (newhero) at:

the first two chapters are really good, and a certain gray eyed girl makes an appearance. It is said by one of the characters that she has been 'going out of her mind with worry' because her 'boyfriend' has been missing from Camp Half Blood for 3 days. Oh, cliffhangers!


Googie said...

I have read the Lightning Theif, but haven't had the time to finish the series. Looks like a challenge I am up to though! I am actually reading the second book in a series right now that I had read the first one too a looong time ago. I am not good at reading more than the first in a series unless I really liked the first.

Katie said...

I know what you mean! I always read the first book, and then I kind of give up on the series if I can't get my hands on the next book! It's unfortunate! Haha.
But this series definitely did not disappoint!

Bri said...

I really really liked theses books! I read the whole series and it was kind of sad when it was over.

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